AEF 28 Division Artillery


The American soldiers began arriving at the Western Front in 1917 years after the fighting had started in 1914. These large numbers of fresh toops became an important element in the war finally ending in November 1918.


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The AEF 28th Division

The Fifty-Third Field Artillery Brigade

The Action At Mezy

The Fifty-Third Field Artillery Brigade was composed of the 107th, 108th and 109th Field Artillery Regiments, the 103rd Ammunition Train and the 103rd Trench Mortar Battery. It was organied on July15, 1917. After training, it sailed to Europe and arrived in Liverpool, England May 31, 1918. After further training in France, the brigade moved up to active front line duty beginning on August 2 and joining up with infantry units of the 28th Division at Mezy on the Vesle River.

The history of the Fifty-Third Field Artillery Brigade during the Battle at Mezy, France reproduced below was originally published by States Publication Society in 1921 under the title Pennsylvania in the World War. History of the Twenty-Eighth Division.








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