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Only a few years ago High Speed Trains were in the future.

The Future Has Arrived. It Is Now.

High Speed Rail

The growth of High Speed Rail trains for both passenger and freight service is revolutionizing surface transportation in many important nations and geographical areas. While the passenger train service leads the field, commercial rail traffic will increasingly move faster and over greater distances utilizing the same technologies. The forward looking nations of Germany, France, Italy, China and Japan are committed to setting the standards and investing in their infrastructure. The United States which in the past had been the leader in efficient passenger and commercial rail transportion has not made that committment.

Countries with High Speed Rail are meeting the challenges of environmental concerns, growing populations on the move, expaning international commerce with state-of-the-art technologies and innovative leadership.


China Establishes High Speed Standards

China is one of the most immpressive examples of a national program to create and adopt the technologies in the field of high speed railroad travel in a very short time.

View this article published in the British newspaper The Daily Mail

High Speed Rail in China


International High Speed Meeting

The 10th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail was held this year from May 8 to May 11 in Ankara, Turkey.

According to the Congress organizers, the event took place "in the frame of a decision of a UIC Statutory Meeting to benchmark the concurrent developments and assess future trends in this important field of technology, with particular reference to Infrastructure, Railway systems, Stations, Trains, Operations. This World Congress and High Speed Rail Trade Exhibition's aim was attracting speakers and exhibitors from railways, supply industry, leading Institutions, International Organizations and Universities from all around the world who will present a comprehensive overview of current and future technology trends, supported by presentations of current state of the art applications and exhibit their products donated with the latest technology.

During the four days of the Congress, several topics such as Infrastructure, Railway systems, Operation & Stations, Trains, Commercial & Economy & Society was diiscussed, having regard to their application potential on High speed lines." The major goal of the event was to "review current progress and to provide input to ongoing work at UIC on identifying strategic trends and convergence towards common functionalities, according to the events sponsors."


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